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By bs angel -

While there are many incredible fan-made creations available to download, there’s a group of creators that are remaking classic Halo maps for Halo 4. Classic Map Spotlight is a new feature on Halo Waypoint that showcases the fine work from the Classic Community Group. Bringing classic Halo maps into Halo 4 is a challenging feat, and Classic Map Spotlight will feature an interview with the map’s creator, and give an inside look at what inspired the remake, and more!

Hello everyone! Xsjados here again from our classic community group posting our second Classic Map Spotlight. Joining me today this time is ANEVILSPAR7AN, and he is here to talk about his amazing remake.

Xsjados: So to start, why don't you give us a quick description of what Carousel is exactly, and what game types does it support?

ANEVILSPAR7AN: Carousel is my remake of Derelict from Halo: Combat Evolved. And as far as I know, it is compatible with all but Dominion, Ricochet, and 1 Flag CTF. I highly recommend FFA (Free For All), and game types such as Slayer, KoTH, Oddball, and Regicide.

Classic Map Spotlight

Xsjados: What made you decide to remake Derelict? I'm also curious - what's the meaning behind the new name you gave it?

ANEVILSPAR7AN: Derelict is my all time favorite map in the Halo series because FFA is, and will always be, my favorite play style, and Derelict is one of the best layouts for it in my opinion. I remade Derelict in Reach as well, so I have some familiarity with the map itself. I chose to call my map Carousel because in the map files in the original game, Derelict's codename is 'Carousel', plus from a top down view, it looks, well, like a carousel.

Classic Map Spotlight

Xsjados: In terms of scale and gameplay though, how much of your map would you say is the same or close to the original? Were there certain areas of your map you had to change to make this map work with Halo 4's sandbox?

ANEVILSPAR7AN: I made sure to figure out the player's run speed and jump height to match Halo: CE's and Halo 4's. My findings were 100% run speed and 90% jump height. From there I ran from one end of Derelict to the other, and the average time was 13.91 seconds. On my remake, Carousel, the average was 13.86, so I am pretty sure scale is as good as the original, minus the field of view. With as fast paced as Halo 4 is compared to Reach, I didn't have to change anything gameplay wise, but the aesthetics changed a bit. The map is mostly white with team colors, unlike the dark gray of the original. I tried to keep the space station theme, so I went with pieces that lent well to it. I also put windows in all but one of the original places. The one place without a window is the ceiling above top mid - I couldn't do it unless I used a crap ton of unneeded pieces.

Xsjados: Yes, for the aesthetics I like how you added all the windows. Like in the original - to look out into space.

ANEVILSPAR7AN: One of my favorite features is just behind the upper and lower hallways having the same grate pattern as the one's the original did.

Classic Map Spotlight

Xsjados: Now if I understand, you did something special with the dynamic lighting. Can you explain to us what exactly it is you did?

ANEVILSPAR7AN: I set the map to spawn one second after the countdown starts, which allows the dynamic lighting to fail on purpose. What I did is a simple trick that works on small to medium sized maps. If you were to do this with a BTB or Dominion map, it would cause all sorts of lag problems on said maps.

Xsjados: Ok, now as we are winding down, this is the part where I like to ask some small questions about you as a Halo fan.


Xsjados: How long have you been playing Halo and which would you say is your favorite one so far?

ANEVILSPAR7AN: I have been playing Halo since 2004, when my dad brought an Xbox home during shore leave. First time I heard of an Xbox, sure kicks the PS2 in the jewels when it comes to great games. My favorite would have to be Halo: Combat Evolved, until the Ultimate Halo Ever is made (input sarcasm if you're a pessimist). CE is one of the best shooters I have played in my short life, with the Golden Triangle of Mini-Nukes, God Pistols, and B-Slaps, chaos reigns supreme. And chaos is fun, especially if you play Rocket CTF on Longest. With infinite ammo and frags, with 16 players...Good times.

Classic Map Spotlight

Xsjados: Out of all the maps there are, what would be your all time favorite Halo map?

ANEVILSPAR7AN: As stated above, Derelict - love me my FFA maps. A close second would have to be Haven, one of the best small Arena maps to come out for Halo since Halo 3 era Arena maps.

Xsjados: Any hints to future projects you might be working on that would make the fans excited to see?

ANEVILSPAR7AN: I'm currently working on a hybrid of Quake, Doom, and Unreal gameplay traits for an old school playing experience. Almost have the game type down pat, just need to look into how I can make maps to suit the new game types.

Classic Map Spotlight

Xsjados: Sounds exciting! Feel free to add any last minute things you would like to say.

ANEVILSPAR7AN: I would like to thank each and everyone of you that is part of the Classics Community. Without people like us, these maps wouldn't get the appreciation they deserve, or worse, wouldn't exist. I highly encourage anyone else looking for great remakes to visit the remake collection thread in the forums where the community does a great job seeking out maps and map-makers alike.

Xsjados: Well, that's it for our second spotlight. Thank you so much ANEVILSPAR7AN for your time and for such a great remake.

ANEVILSPAR7AN: Thanks for having me, and keep up the good work.

For those looking to download this awesome map you can find it here: Carousel.

If you want more remakes check out our groups thread in the forums: Classic Map Remakes - Halo 4. I highly encourage anyone else looking for great remakes to visit the thread, where the community does a great job seeking out maps and map makers alike. If you have a map you would like to submit, post it there and we'll be happy to look at it for you.

I'm also happy to announce that very soon in the future we'll be hosting Custom Classic Community Game Nights! This is where we will all get together in lobbys and play all the best remakes and classic settings out there. Everyone is free to join and well be announcing future dates soon.

Classic Map Spotlight: Carousel