Community Member of the Week: RubricFlunky553

By bs angel -

Every Monday, we feature a community member who does one or more of the following things: routinely goes above and beyond for their fellow forum members, is a positive and active member of the community, and/or sends me mass amounts of cat pictures. This week our Community Member of the Week is RubricFlunky553. Read a little more about this particular fan below, then hit their profile to learn even more!

Community Member of the Week

Gamertag: RubricFlunky553

Origin of Gamertag: Live decided to give me this actually real-life accurate name for me! Now it also works well with an upcoming joke - RubricCorp.

Current clan/community: Never joined, but have been offered spots too many times. But now I'm part of a growing joke company: RubricCo - It's Chief Norris Approved!

Halo game(s) you are currently playing: Halo 3, Halo CEA, Halo 4

Favorite map, game type and playlist: Ragnarok/ Valhalla, Big Team Slayer(BTB), Living Dead

Least favorite map, game type and playlist: Hemorrhage, Vanilla Flood (not Infection though!)

Preferred control scheme: Recon

Halo playing style (offense, defense, sniper, driver, etc.): Closest would be offense, but really, I'm just a daring fellow with Plasma Pistols and grenades who literally does near-complete suicide tactics but manages to somehow succeed and get Exterminations.

Favorite Halo character: Sergeant Johnson

Favorite Halo book: Thursday War

Favorite Halo quote: "So faith's the great harvest of my betrayer, even these beasts recognize what you are oblivious to, human. Your nobility has blinded you, as ever. The Librarian left little to chance didn't she? Turning my own guardians, my own world, against me. But what hubris did she believe to protect her pets from me forever. If you haven't mastered even these primitives, then man has not yet attained the mantle. Your ascendance may yet be, prevented. Time was your ally, human, but now it has abandoned you. The Forerunners, have returned."

Anything else we should know? I'm Canadian and am an avid sci-fi fan. I love Red vs Blue. I watch hockey. I am a slightly less than average Halo player. I beat Halo 4 and Reach on Legendary, but my game seemed to wipe out their own memories or something. I have proof, look on my Chievos. I despise the dreaded fish game. I follow many YouTube personas, who provide something interesting, or comedy. I think Halo shouldn't be rated mature, oh well. I'm not a Marine (used to be an Onyx). I am nearly always on the Halo Xbox Forums. I have enjoyed my time on Waypoint so far...

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