Community Member of the Week: Swift 806

By bs angel -

Every Monday, we feature a community member who does one or more of the following things: routinely goes above and beyond for their fellow forum members, is a positive and active member of the community, and/or sends me mass amounts of cat pictures. This week our Community Member of the Week is Swift 806. Read a little more about this particular fan below, then hit their profile to learn even more!

Community Member of the Week

Gamertag: Swift 806

Origin of Gamertag: Because I’m swift with my hands! ;) 806 is just a random number though that I think sounds and looks nice.

Current clan/community: Halo Waypoint

Halo game(s) you are currently playing: Halo 4

Favorite map, game type and playlist: Sandtrap, Big Team, Slayer/CTF

Least favorite map, game type and playlist: Abandon, SWAT, Juggernaut

Preferred control scheme: Default, Sensitivity - 6

Halo playing style (offense, defense, sniper, driver, etc.): Offensive and defensive sniper

Favorite Halo character: I really cannot decide. There are so many interesting characters in the Halo Universe: John, Cortana, Halsey, Didact, Thel, the Gravemind…

Favorite Halo book: The Fall of Reach

Favorite Halo quote: "Do not be afraid. I am peace. I am salvation." - Gravemind

Anything else we should know? I have been playing Halo since my cousins introduced me to Halo CE and Halo 2. From that point I have felt in love with the Halo universe and it became my favorite franchise. The release of Halo 3 was the reason why I bought an Xbox 360 and I can proudly say to have and played many times through all Halo titles, except Halo Wars.

Primarily I play and buy Halo for its fantastic campaign, fiction and story because that is the main reason what makes Halo for me superior to other FPS. Besides I have not been able to play online MP on my own Xbox because of a distance problem between my Xbox and my internet connection until the release of Halo 4. Nevertheless, I have played endless hours of Halo 3's and Reach’s online MP on my cousins’ or friend’s consoles and finally I can play online on my own as well.

I’m currently studying architecture. It's probably kind of needless to say that I really like to forge in Halo :P. Aside playing videogames in my free time, I do a lot of sports like playing soccer or basketball with friends or simply pumping some iron to clear my head. I like playing some billiards, listen to a lot of music (Hip Hop, DnB and other genres) or just riding down the roads on my motorbike as well, and in the winter time I snowboard.

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