Halo 4 Castle Map Pack Achievements

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Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Achievements

The Halo 4 Castle Map Pack is the third of three Map Packs from the War Games Map Pass. Currently scheduled for release on April 8th, it will cost $10.00 USD or 800 Microsoft Points and consist of three maps, two new Castle DLC Matchmaking playlists, and 9 new Achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore. If you want to learn more about Daybreak, Perdition and Outcast (the maps included in the Castle Map Pack), check out our Castle Map Pack trailer. If you’d like the lowdown on the relevant unlockables that will soon be added to your Gamerscore, take a look at the specifics below!

Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Achievement

What is Yours is
Also Mine

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, disable a vehicle and then hijack it.

40 points

Dodge This!

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, get two direct Spartan Laser kills in one match.

20 points

Hello Nurse!

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, heal a near-death teammate with Regen Field 5 times.

30 points

That Won't Save You

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, assassinate an enemy who is using a Hardlight Shield.

30 points

Ashes to Ashes

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, disintegrate 6 enemies using Forerunner weapons.

10 points

Beating up the Beat

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, perform 5 melee kills in a single match.

30 points

Sight Seeing

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, complete a match in any mode for each Castle map.

20 points


In Castle DLC Matchmaking, destroy 2 vehicles during a single game.

30 points

Outta My Way!

In Castle DLC Matchmaking, kill 5 enemies during a match by running them over.

40 points