Halo 4 Global Championship finals recap

By bs angel -

Halo 4 Global Championship Finals Bracket

On Sunday September 1st, 2013, the final eight competitors in the Halo 4 Global Championship met at a packed Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington for the finals. With Halo 4 fans cheering across the globe, the competitors put on one a heck of a show. Check out the full results above.

The elite eight met on Haven for the elimination Free-for-All match, and only four would make it through to the next round. While a number of players bounced around the bubble and jostled to grab a hold of the fourth and final slot, lx Ace xl snuck in a final kill to advance past ContrA to take the last spot. Moving on would be Str8 Sick, iGotUrPistola, Legit and lx Ace xl.

In the first 1vs1 match on Skyline, Str8 Sick met lx Ace xl, and Str8 Sick came out strong and took a commanding lead of 4-1 with seven minutes remaining. With the pressure building, lx Ace xl mounted an unbelievable comeback, and took the match, winning 9-7 and advancing to the finals.

It was then iGotUrPistola’s turn to meet Legit on Skyline. These two aggressive players traded kills during the first five minutes of the match. Breaking the tie at the six minute mark, iGotUrPistola picked up three kills in a row, going up 5-2. Legit tightened things by winning a few kills bringing the score to 5-4, but it wasn’t enough. With 50 seconds left, iGotUrPistola pulled off another two kills and won the match 7-4.

The championship round was a spectacle to behold with iGotUrPistola and lx Ace xl facing off for the title and a $200,000 paycheck. Back to Skyline, the two combatants went back and forth earning kills staying close in score for the entirety of the match. With five minutes remaining, iGotUrPistola broke the 3-3 tie, but lx Ace xl got one back making it 4-4. Continuing matching kills, at 5-5 iGotUrPistola picked up one more much needed kill with one minute remaining making the score 6-5. But as we saw in his previous match, you can never count lx Ace xl out, and he tied it up 6-6 with a well-placed shot with 25 seconds remaining. Before either combatant could find each other the time ran out forcing a tie breaker.

It all came down to one kill in a sudden death match. lx Ace xl and iGotUrPistola took their places and scurried around Skyline trying to locate each other. After bringing each other’s shields down dangerously low, lx Ace xl weakened iGotUrPistola with the Concussion Rifle and finished him with a final headshot, winning the match and the Halo 4 Global Championship.

Congratulations to lx Ace xl on his victory!

Click here to watch the Halo 4 Global Championship Finals live stream.