Halo Waypoint Console Update: Spring 2013

By bs angel -

We’ve just released an update for Halo Waypoint on Xbox 360! Check what’s new in the details below.

Competitive Skill Rank

Your Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) measures your performance against other players in Halo 4 Matchmaking War Games. It's a number between 1 and 50 (higher is better) which will go up and down based on match outcomes. You'll have a CSR specific to each active playlist, and your best CSR is shown on your Player Card and Service Record.

Since your CSR is a core component to your Service Record, we wanted to make it available throughout your Halo Waypoint experience. You will now be able to see your CSR on your Service Record, Player Card and Player Compare.

Enhanced Service Record

Halo Waypoint

To help keep you informed of your progress, we added new information to your Service Record. Most notably, we've added your Medals Chest, which shows you all of the medals you've earned in Halo 4.

Medals Chest

Halo Waypoint

By this point, you've probably earned several of the medals available in War Games, so we gave you a way to see all of them. Go to the War Games section in your Service Record, and you'll see your top medals. Select the panel to go into your Medals Chest where you'll see your medals grouped by type and tier, along with total earned. Press “X” to filter for a specific kind of medal.

Here are the filters:

• Kill (example: Headshot)
• Bonus / Style (example: Revenge)
• Assist / Support (example: Distraction)
• Spree (example: Comeback Kill)
• Mode Specific (example: King Kill)

• Capture the Flag
• King of the Hill
• Flood
• Extraction
• Dominion
• Regicide
• Grifball

Upcoming Rewards

Halo Waypoint

We've also added a preview of the rewards headed your way the next time you advance in rank. Flip the panel with the “A” button to see more details.

File Browser

Halo Waypoint

If you like checking out the Halo 4 File Browser on our website, you’ll be excited to know you can now do it on the console, too (we respect your privacy settings, so you will have to open your Member Content settings to everyone in order to access File Browser).

Halo Waypoint

You can check out your personal Halo 4 File Share, or browse the different types of shared files available. Use the “X” button to filter each type of UGC by the most recent, the most downloaded or the most recommended.

Halo Waypoint

For each file type, you can see the file information. Press “Y” to add your file share to download in Halo 4.

Spartan Reflection

Halo Waypoint

We know that a lot of you put considerable time into customizing your armor, so we wanted to give you a way to see it in action in Waypoint.

How to use it

Using Spartan Reflection is simple... just use Kinect! When you wave to engage Kinect, your Spartan will appear as an onscreen reflection, mirroring your every move. Now your Spartan can gesture, signal and more. If you use another controller type, your Spartan will temporarily disappear. You can also turn off the Spartan Reflection completely by using the Quick Launch menu.

Waypoint uses the settings you last saved in the Spartan Hub from Halo 4; when you customize your armor in the game, you’ll see the updates the next time you activate Spartan Reflection in Waypoint.

Enhanced Player Compare, including CSR

Halo Waypoint

For those of you who like to spend time in the Barracks, we added a lot of new stats to spark a bit of healthy competition among your friends.

This update includes a view of how your CSR compares to your friends in all of the active playlists.

Playlists with CSR

Halo Waypoint

We also wanted to make it a bit easier to find people to play with, so we created a Playlists section that shows how many players are currently playing in each hopper. You can also see your CSR for that particular hopper; this data can help you decide if you want to play a game variant in which you dominate or one that you want to work on.

To view the Playlists, head to the War Games section of your Service Record and set the filter to “War Games – Matchmaking” (use “X” to switch between “War Games – Custom” and “War Games – Matchmaking”).

Quick Launch

Halo Waypoint

Since Waypoint is really deep, we wanted to give you a way to switch quickly between sections, so we've added a Quick Launch menu to the top of the screen. Press up on the left stick until it is highlighted, and then press A to open Quick Launch.

From Quick Launch, you'll be able to jump to the other popular destinations in Waypoint.

You can also turn off your Spartan Reflection, jump back into Halo 4, or view your Watchlist.


Watching videos on your TV is one of the most popular activities on Waypoint. Now you have a way to queue up the videos that you want to see at HaloWaypoint.com, come back to Waypoint on your TV, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Halo Waypoint

Halo Waypoint

To set up your Watchlist, go to HaloWaypoint.com. Find the videos that you want to watch and save the video to your Watchlist. Feel free to watch them there of course, but for the big screen experience, head back to the console.

Halo Waypoint

To access your Watchlist on the console, open the Quick Launch menu and select “Play Watchlist”. All the videos you saved will be ready to play!

Thanks for checking out our new Halo Waypoint console app features, and remember to stay tuned to HaloWaypoint.com for updates, news and more.