New Limited Edition Halo Lithographs Now Available

By bs angel -

Today, the Halo Waypoint Store has new limited edition Halo lithographs on sale from Halo: Escalation. This stunning artwork was created by Halo 4 Art Director and 343 Visual Design Consultant Kenneth Scott, and was originally featured in two different Halo: Escalation covers. Only 495 numbered prints of each design were created. Every lithograph is foil stamped with the Halo logo, and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Title: Chieftain Lydus (Halo: Escalation # 1 Variant Cover)
“After the war, many Brutes returned to their homeworld of Doisac in an effort to recover from the breaking of the Covenant. Chieftains, such as Lydus, would emerge once again, seeking to secure some measure of unity among the tribes of their people.”

Title: Commander Palmer (Halo: Initiation #3 Cover)
“One of the first of her kind, Sarah Palmer leads all of the Spartan-IVs aboard UNSC Infinity. As their revered commander, she is often considered to be without equal in experience and combat skill among Infinity’s many Spartans.”

Each print is now available in the Halo Waypoint Store for $40.00. Don’t wait too long to order; these lithographs will only be available in limited quantities.