Tor Books Announces the On-Sale Availability of Halo: Silentium

By bs angel -

Halo: Silentium

The Final Instalment in The Forerunner Saga by New York Times bestselling author Greg Bear

New York, NY – March 19, 2013 – Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC – the largest publisher of science fiction in the world – is excited to introduce the third and final novel in the New York Times bestselling Halo Forerunner Saga, Halo: Silentium, written by legendary science fiction author Greg Bear. The first two books of the Forerunner Saga, Halo: Cryptum and Halo: Primordium are currently available in trade paperback, e-book, and audiobook. This newest book in the series, Halo: Silentium is available now in hardcover from Tor Books.

The New York Times bestselling Halo series of novels, based on the hugely successful Halo videogame franchise, has sold millions of copies, and is part of a global phenomenon that has dominated the science fiction landscape over the last decade.

In the first Forerunner novel, rebellious young Forerunner Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting crosses the paths of two humans and the long-life line of a great military leader, forever changing Bornstellar’s destiny… and the fate of the entire galaxy.

In the second, those two humans – Chakas and Riser – are captured by the Master Builder, misplaced during a furious battle in space only to find themselves on an inverted world where horizons rise into the sky, and where humans of all kinds are trapped in a perilous cycle of horror and neglect. They became both research animals and strategic pawns in a cosmic game whose madness knows no end – a game of ancient vengeance between the powers who seeded the galaxy with life, and the Forerunners who expect to inherit their sacred Mantle of duty to all living things.

Now, the third book in this ground-breaking trilogy will reveal the ultimate purpose of this ancient game, challenging everything we thought we knew about the Forerunners.

Tor Books has proudly partnered with Microsoft and 343 Industries to publish every book set in this iconic universe. The Halo franchise is an award-winning collection of properties that have grown into a global entertainment phenomenon.

Beginning with the original Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox in 2001, the rich fiction of the franchise has since inspired a series of blockbuster Xbox and Xbox 360 video games, New York Times best-selling novels, comic books, action figures, apparel and more. To date, the Halo franchise has sold more than 50 million copies, with franchise sales eclipsing $3 billion over its lifetime. Halo 4 marked the beginning of a new saga in the iconic franchise, as the Master Chief returned to confront his own destiny and an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe.

About the Author

Greg Bear is the author of more than thirty books of science fiction and fantasy, including Hull Zero Three, Eon and Moving Mars. Awarded two Hugos and five Nebulas for his fiction, one of two authors to win a Nebula in every category, Bear has served on political and scientific action committees and has advised both government agencies and corporations on issues ranging from national security to private aerospace ventures to new media and video game development.

About Tor Books

Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, is a New York-based publisher of hardcover and softcover books, founded in 1980 and committed (although not limited) to SF and fantasy literature. Between an extensive hardcover and trade-softcover line, an Orb backlist program, and a stronghold in mass-market paperback, Tor annually publishes what is arguably the largest and most diverse line of science fiction and fantasy ever produced by a single English-language publisher. Books from Tor have won every major award in the SF and fantasy fields, and for the last twenty-five years in a row the company has been named Best Publisher in the Locus Poll, the largest consumer poll in SF.