The Mega Bloks Halo 2014 Spring Line

By bs angel -

The Mega Bloks Spring Line of Halo toys are now available in stores, and we’ve gotten a few of the sets here in the studio, to you know…work with. Take a look at what’s new in 2014!

Build out your Mega Bloks collection with the new Metallic Series ODST Drop Pods ($3.99). Each of these are packaged with a collectible Drop Pod, an ODST (which includes a backpack and suppressed SMG) with metallic highlights and detailed shark pad print, and a 2x4 Halo block.

Mega Bloks Halo Micro-Fleet Hornet Assault set ($14.99) includes a buildable Hornet and Covenant lookout tower, a Metallic red Spartan Mark VI with LMG, all packaged in a collectible helmet.

The Micro-Fleet Mantis Invasion ($14.99) is packed with a buildable Mantis and Covenant shade turret, a metallic silver Spartan Mark VI that includes an Incineration Cannon and baseplate.

The Micro-Fleet Warhog Attack ($14.99) comes with a buildable Warthog and Forerunner outpost, The Master Chief figure with a Railgun and baseplate, all wrapped up in a collectible helmet.

Also available in the Spring Line is the UNSC Infinity Armor Bay ($21.99). This kit includes the buildable armor bay, weapons rack, and a Spartan outfitted in MJOLNIR Recon Armor by the onboard UNSC Technician on staff. Do you need a weapon? This Spartan is packing a Shotgun, BR, AR, SMG, and LMG!

Put some spring in your step with the Mega Bloks Halo 2014 Spring Line. For more information, visit the official Mega Bloks website.