Waypoint Schedule: Oct 22-28

By B is for Bravo -


Here's a look at what you'll find on Halo Waypoint this week:



Forge With Pete 10. Pete the Duck presents the Halo: Reach map and game variant Guitar Halo.




RvB Recreation: Chapter 14. As Donut works to tidy up Blue Base, he is visted by the Meta, who he believes is a new Blue. Meanwhile in the desert, Caboose has gotten himself in trouble by "trying to find a home" for Epsilon. Just as CT starts to become angry, the gate of the mysterious temple starts to open and a firefight breaks out. Sarge, Grif and Caboose make their escape attempt, only to encounter an old friend. Available on Waypoint Console only.




Forward Unto Dawn: Part 4. Members of Hastati Squad fight bravely alongside the Master Chief as Corbulo is destroyed by Covenant.



NOTE: This schedule is based on Halo Waypoint's US, English-language content. It may not reflect daily content provided to all regions and languages, and is subject to change — so keep checking back and don’t miss any of the awesomeness that is Halo Waypoint! Be sure to follow the latest Halo news on Twitter and Facebook at @HaloWaypoint and Facebook.com/HaloWaypoint.