Welcome to Landfall

By B is for Bravo -

Landfall is an asymmetrical map that features both long range and close-quarters combat. Built for anywhere from 4-10 players, this map offers a unique outdoor industrial environment. Suggested game modes on this map include FFA, Team Slayer, King of the Hill and Extraction.

You’ll notice that Rockets also spawn just outside “Entry B” on this map – be sure to yoink those at the start. They’re important.
My personal favorite loadout on this map is:

• Starting Weapon: DMR
• Secondary: Magnum
• Grenades: 2x Frag
• Armor Ability: Jet Pack
• Tactical Mod: Mobility
• Support Mod: Ammo

 Although this map works great for several game modes for 4-10 players, my favorite game type is FFA Slayer. Due to the design and variation between indoor and outdoor spaces, each game can play out entirely different from the last.

Thanks for checking out this sneak peak of Landfall. The Majestic Map Pack launches on Monday, February 25th and can be purchased from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points, or as part of the War Games Map Pass, also available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The Majestic Map Pack is available to owners of the Limited Edition of Halo 4 and the War Games Map Pass at no additional charge.

Halo 4 Monolith overheadThis map features asymmetrical design with strategic outdoor jump routes.

Download overhead: 1920x1080