Welcome to Perdition

By B is for Bravo -

Welcome to Perdition!

Perdition is an industrial, asymmetrical map that features a mixture of both open and tight spaces. This map offers many different vehicle routes, with a variety of ramps, bridges and corridors. Suggested game modes on this map include King of the Hill, Team Slayer and Capture the Flag, but Perdition will support a wide variety of Halo 4’s game modes.

When playing, you’ll likely notice that the Warthogs and Ghosts are deadly on this map due to its track-like outer roadway – be sure to control these vehicles along with the power weapons in order to establish map control.

My personal favorite loadout on this map is:

• Starting Weapon: DMR
• Secondary Weapon: Plasma Pistol
• Grenades: 2x Frag
• Armor Ability: Hardlight Shield
• Tactical Mod: Mobility
• Support Mod: Ammo

My favorite game type is King of the Hill, due to the various default hill locations on the map – controlling and defending each one provides new and varied sightlines and challenges.

Thanks for checking out this sneak peak of Perdition. The Castle Map Pack launches on Monday, April 8th and can be purchased from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points, or as part of the War Games Map Pass, also available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Halo 4 Perdition overhead Perdition is an asymmetrical, indoor industrial playspace that features sightlines of all varieties.

Download overhead: 1280x1077