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petetheduck's Forge Puzzle

By bs angel -


petetheduck's Forge Puzzle

From petetheduck:

I have been toying around with the idea of puzzles that can only be solved in Forge mode. This is a simple introduction to that concept; on the rock spire in Forge World sits a single Warthog. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to destroy that Warthog.

There are no rules; destroy the Warthog by any means necessary. However, that is not to say I am going to make it easy. The Warthog is encased in shield walls. You are also prevented from approaching the Warthog by a teleporter barrier that cannot be deleted, marked by the blue line in the water. I’ve also taken measures to prevent use of the ‘delete all’ ability.

You can download the map here: Forge Challenge. If you do destroy the Warthog, I’d love to see your film clip! For more details about submitting a clip, visit www.idleduck.com.

petetheduck's Forge Puzzle