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Claim Your Rightful Place in the Halo Record Books

By bs angel -


From Ibeechu:

Why fight the Covenant when you can just run past them? HaloRuns.com is a new website for keeping track of Halo speedrunning records and personal bests. It's a collaboration between goatrope, hawaiianpig, and me, Ibeechu.

Goatrope wanted a website where users could submit their own times and videos, and have all of that information automatically aggregated and displayed in a user-friendly way. He and several other of the most popular Halo speedrunners conceptualized the functionality, I built it, and hawaiianpig made it look gorgeous.

In addition to just keeping track of times, we've implemented a points system to encourage users to speedrun other difficulties or levels or games in the series that they might not have otherwise tried. And, as every Halo speedrunner will tell you, HaloRuns Points are literally worth more than gold right now. So go submit some times and claim your rightful place in the Halo record books!

Claim Your Rightful Place in the Halo Record Books