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Community Member of the Week: Smileyken

By bs angel -

Every Monday, we feature a community member who does one or more of the following things: routinely goes above and beyond for their fellow forum members, is a positive and active member of the community, and/or sends me mass amounts of cat pictures. This week our Community Member of the Week is smileyken. Read a little more about this particular fan below, then hit their profile to learn even more!

Community Member of the Week

Gamertag: Smileyken.

Origin of Gamertag: Just stuck from school. Ken is short for Kennedy.

Halo game(s) you are currently playing: Halo 4, and playing Halo 3 on and off.

Favorite map, game type and playlist: The Pit and Sandtrap. I always play BTB.

Preferred control scheme: Default.

Favorite Halo character: Johnson.

Favorite Halo book: Harvest and Fall of Reach.

Favorite Halo quote: "Cortana just...keep your head down. There's two of us in here now, remember!"

Get to know Smileyken here