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Fourth Annual Halo Marathon Raises Money for Child's Play Charity

By bs angel -

From Kyle:

On September 13th, the Omnithon Team will spend 48-60 hours collecting donations for Child's Play Charity, which provides hope through entertainment for those in children's hospitals by playing through all the Halo campaigns in a row and streaming it to twitch.tv.

Omnithon’s (www.omnithon.com) events involve streaming days-long marathon sessions of gaming online while collecting donations for Child’s Play Charity. Omnithon: Halo 2013 is the group’s ninth event, and the fourth revolving around Halo.

Child's Play (www.childsplaycharity.org) is a charity "dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game community and the power of play.” Over the last decade, it has raised over ten million dollars for those children, donations which Cameron D. Hosner, President & CEO of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, says will "support seriously-ill children in hospitals by distracting them from their illnesses, and help them cope with fear, anxiety, and boredom.”

All Halo campaigns (with the exception of Halo Wars) will be played in chronological order, so viewers can watch the UNSC’s struggle against alien threats from the Fall of Reach to the beginning of Master Chief’s new journey in Halo 4. Viewers will have chances to play multiplayer with the team, and some donors will have the opportunity to hop into a co-op game with the crew and join the fight directly. Donors, or even just twitter followers, will have chances to win a number of incredible prizes donated by Adam Y, including Halo 2 Master Chief and Warthog figures, and much, much more. A full list of what’s being given away and info on how donors can get a shot at them is up on the Omnithon website.

Over the course of eight marathons spanning three years, the Omnithon team has raised almost $10,000 for Child’s Play, through the power of audience interaction. The viewers are more than just an audience; they are valued members of the team, and can have a profound effect on the course of the marathon. The event begins at www.omnithon.com on September 13th at 10:00 AM (PST), and will last anywhere from 48-60 hours. Be there to watch, chat and donate to help children in need.

Fourth Annual Halo Marathon Raises Money for Child's Play Charity