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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 12

By bs angel -

Last week, for our Friday Caption Fun festivities, you provided quips for an image featuring an outdoorsy Spartan. Here are the top captions you left for that particular image!

Halo 4 Screenshot

"Ghost story? Sure, ever hear the legend of the 4sk BR?" -sarcasmbully
"Camping commendation, over 9000!" -deluca34
"This Spartan was in need of s'more weapons." -frenchfryjordan
"The rest of Blue Team knew something was strange when Goodman kept asking
if anyone had seen the marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate." -VisorSmasher313
"B is for base camp." -Demon177666
"And so Jimmy just sat there, wondering more and more why the fire looked like a giant, red, glowing ball." -ultonio
"Anyone seen mah tarp?" -deluca34
"Someone is taking the name Settler a little too seriously." -DecepticonCobra
"Two more kills and I'll have myself a Killing Frenzy!" -Biotic Khajiit
"What? It's a legitimate strategy..." -CARNIFRAGZ

Now that we've wrapped up that picture, let's start a new one. Up for your captioning pleasure this week is an image featuring a mini Spartan. Soak in the screenshot, then leave your witty and relevant quip in a comment. Off you go!

Halo 4 Screenshot

Author: Devilish Gamer

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