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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 29

By bs angel -

Last week, for our Friday Caption Fun festivities, you provided quips for an image featuring an infected Spartan. Here are the top captions you left for that particular image!

Halo 4 Screenshot

"Put your whole claw in! Put your whole claw out!" -Noah the boah
"Draw me like one of your Flood girls..." -TheCaptain1701D
"I am a monument to all of your dances." -RubricFlunky553
"And the play at the plate... safe!" -Buzznacker
"Though Frankie had to admit the 'lean-really-far-over-to-avoid-the-bullet' Armor Ability was cool,
the Thruster Pack remained top dog." -Prophetic Onion
"I used to be a Spartan like you, then I took an infection form to the knee." -Jon Kage Vadovsky
"I came in like a WRECKING BALL!" -Brando Stewart
"My body is ready." -MrToasty XD
"How Freddy tried to imitate the famous Matrix action scene... with interesting complications." -TD Appocolapse
"And the winner of the first annual "Dancing with the Flood"... Jenkins!!!" -SepiaAnt8071

Now that we've wrapped up that picture, let's start a new one. Up for your captioning pleasure this week is an image featuring a rather Spartan-like scene. Soak in the screenshot, then leave your witty and relevant quip in a comment. Off you go!

Halo 4 Screenshot


Caption your heart out here!