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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 32

By bs angel -

Last week, for our Friday Caption Fun festivities, you provided quips for an image featuring a rather festive scene. Here are the top captions you left for that particular image.

Halo 4 Screenshot

"ONI was bewildered when they found out Santa had Slipspace." -HurryingCandy
"Incoming ornaments!" -thy ReaperMC
"Please be giant dice, please be giant dice, please be giant dice..." -Plastic Hassle
"Crap! I should've done this in Longbow or Meltdown!" -HassanAAA85
"I'm just glad little Billy didn't ask for a Scorpion." -sarcasmbully
"The new Spartan ability 'Spawn Santa and Christmas Tree' proved to be entertaining but useless on the battlefield." -UndecidedLion72
"No! Not the presents! Go for the flag!" -mICAHbOT
"Frank, I said get a KILLING SPREE, not a CHRISTMAS TREE." -SwampA55 117
"Dashing through the......Oh!" -SpartanAsh343

Now that we've wrapped up that picture, let's start a new one. Up for your captioning pleasure this week is an image featuring an ill (or well) placed rocket. Soak in the screenshot, then leave your witty and relevant quip in a comment. Off you go!

Halo 4 Screenshot


Caption your heart out here!