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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 35

By bs angel -

Last week, for our Friday Caption Fun festivities, you provided quips for an image featuring two Spartans. Here are the top captions you left for that particular image.

Halo 4 Screenshot

"I can never get these assassinations right!" -Zac Cacciolfi
"This is what really happens after a showstopper." -AbandonedCashew
"...And the Spartan you rode in on." -WarmerToast37
"Okay. Now hand me the sniper. I got this." -Brandon EvoStar Hodges
"It turned out shortly after that a Spartan on another Spartan's shoulders wasn't good enough to fight off a Mantis." -A Rock Launcher
"Look ma, no hands!" -Black Knight767
"Of all the strange space drinking games played aboard the UNSC Infinity, 'Spartan Stacking' is by far the most popular." -oO DREWISH Oo
"Not what I meant by carrying my team..." -Lex Motionless
"Worst hiding spot ever. Of all time." -warthogman94

Now that we've wrapped up that picture, let's start a new one. Up for your captioning pleasure this week is an image featuring two Spartans. Soak in the screenshot, then leave your witty and relevant quip in a comment. Off you go!

Halo 4 Screenshot


Caption your heart out here!