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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 36

By bs angel -

Last week, for our Friday Caption Fun festivities, you provided quips for an image featuring two Spartans. Here are the top captions you left for that particular image.

Halo 4 Screenshot

"Say hello to my little friend..... and his little friend." -ISAF Mobius 18
"The 'Mini-Me' ability was funny in training camp, but a complete failure in real battle." -MegaSword
"So this is how aim assist works!" -QuadSquadLeader
"A Spartan's a Spartan, no matter how small." -S 000 DeM
"The oversized statue of Sarge became a popular diving spot at the UNSC-themed water park." -iTrentz
"Stop jumping the gun!" -Junior Casillas
"...and on his other shoulder is a blue Spartan that tells him to steal Warthogs and beat up UNSC officers." -Alex Wheatley Adshead
" I shall call him ... Mini me!" -Linda Garcia
"Who needs a regular gun when you have a gun that shoots Spartans that shoots guns?!" -Jared Woods

Now that we've wrapped up that picture, let's start a new one. Up for your captioning pleasure this week is an image featuring a very large pile of weapons. Soak in the screenshot, then leave your witty and relevant quip in a comment. Off you go!

Halo 4 Screenshot

Author: Jogging Bison

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