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Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: 11.25.13

By B is for Bravo -


We’ve got new game types, playlist, and experiences in Halo 4 Matchmaking today. Read on for all of the details!


The Grifball Playlist has received an extensive refresh, with updates to current game types as well as new maps and game types added. We’ve worked closely with GrifballHub on the specifics of this update, and in this past week’s Bulletin, I gave Kalbelgarion and NOKYARD from GrifballHub the floor so that they could provide details about today’s update. For convenience, and because they know this stuff way better than I do, I’ve pasted it once again below.

Hey, everyone! Kalbelgarion and NOKYARD here. The Grifball Playlist is receiving a substantial update to bring it in line with the latest-and-greatest GrifballHub league settings, so get ready to smash enemies and score goals in exciting new ways!

Orange is the new Orange
Over the years Grif has seen many color variations, from white to yellow to a very pale yellow. From this point forward, Grif will have his very own hue of orange across all game types.

Grif’s updated armor color.

Grifball & Grifball Pro
Grifball will now occupy slot #1 in the voting options, with Grifball Pro available in slot #2. Both variants have been updated to match the settings of GrifballHub’s recreational Grifball league. Grif's movement speed has been notched up from 170% to 180% to counter the Mobility Tactical Package, which has been added to all variants – this means you will no longer run out of steam while chasing the ball runner. Shields have also been removed from Base Player Traits to bring the variant in line with all previous versions of Grifball.

The Courts
The following maps are returning and have been updated with fresh new looks: Primordial, Termitarium, Hangar 101, and Thin Ice. Additionally, an all new Sarge's Lab has been constructed to bring it to standard size in order to rectify the lighting issues of the previous iteration. All new and returning courts will feature a "Ball Cage" which locks the ball in place for a more controlled tip-off, and all courts have been setup for the new Ricochet versions of Grifball.

The new Ball Cage on aquaduct by killenjoke

Power Grid by Nuclear Taco 42

Warp Field by ColCF Goatzilla

What the Grif, presented to the Grifball team “What the Grif” for their RTX Booth contribution

Dr Leo's Cauldron, presented to Dr Leo's for his RTX Booth contribution

Grifball Dash & AGLA Grifball
An old favorite returning from the past: Grifball Dash is back! This fast-paced Grifball variant from Halo: Reach is making a return in the third voting slot. In place of the Evade Armor Ability, you now use your Thruster Pack to swoop by your enemies, steal the ball, and rocket in for a score!

Grifball Dash will be available on three new courts which are considerably larger than the standard court to accommodate the increased player movement speed.

Emerald Isle by Nuclear Taco 42

Nakuru Field

Successor is inspired by Halo 3's Grifball High

Nakuru Field and Successor may appear dangerously open at first, but they are fully enclosed using Forge tricks such as Gravity Volumes for walls and invisible ceilings.

The alternate Voting Slot #3 offering is AGLA Grifball, which is based on the official game variant used by the competitive league at GrifballHub.

Get a feel for competitive Grifball by playing on the actual court the AGLA uses

If you want even more Grifball action, be sure to stop by GrifballHub. League signups are open from November 22 to November 29!

Big thanks to Kalbelgarion, NOKYARD and others at GrifballHub for their work and assistance over the past few weeks in planning this Grifball update. We’re super excited to be delivering these new maps and game types, and hope that all of you Grifballers are equally excited to hop into the playlist and get hammered come Monday.


Dominion is back as our featured playlist! It will be available in Halo 4 Matchmaking from November 25th through December 9th. The playlist features three total voting options: Dominion, Lockdown, and last week’s Community Choice Poll winner, Legendary Dominion. Dominion occupies the first voting slot, Lockdown the second, and Legendary Dominion is available in the third.

Legendary Dominion

Legendary Dominion uses Halo 4’s preset Legendary Loadouts (Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle and Frag Grenades) and features an enabled motion tracker. The game type puts all players on equal footing in terms of Loadouts, and gives players the option to use the Assault Rifle in close quarter battles, or roam from base to base while clearing out the battlefield with the Battle Rifle. Interested in weighing in on upcoming Matchmaking updates? Be on the lookout for next week’s Halo Bulletin.

As a refresher, Lockdown is a Dominion game variant that was added on July 1st, and features two teams fighting over a central base, with no auto-turrets or shield doors.

As we mentioned earlier this month, the winning maps from the Halo 4 Ricochet Forge Contest have been added to the Ricochet playlist, and have received optimization and improvements based on your feedback and playtesting from the Community Forge Ricochet Playlist. These maps include:

Third place:
Inheritor by Squally DaBeanz

Second place:
Butter by Purely Fat

First place:
Hekau by MrGreenWithAGun

If you’d like to play the updated maps in Custom Games, they can be downloaded by clicking on the above corresponding File Browser links and selecting “Send to Xbox.”

Team Slayer Top 200

Today’s update also includes an update to Halo 4’s Team Slayer Playlist. This update has several difference components which prepare the playlist for a new program: The Team Slayer Top 200.

The Team Slayer Top 200 will highlight the top 200 players (by CSR) in the playlist each week on Halo Waypoint. We’re looking forward to recognizing the top players each week, and as CSR is determined by who you win and lose against, it is possible for a level 50 player to be ranked higher than another level 50 player, so even players at level 50 will be able to see how they stack up against other level 50 players. The first Top 200 article will be posted the week of December 2nd, which will allow a full week to pass after today’s update and provide ample opportunity for those interested to join the action whenever they’d like.

We’ve detailed bits and pieces of this program over the past few weeks and below are the final changes that have been made to the Team Slayer Playlist:

•  Team Slayer’s CSR has been reset, and will be broken up by two month seasons moving forward
•  Team Slayer has moved to a team-based CSR
•  Team Slayer’s Max Party Size has been adjusted from eight players to four to ensure that players do not boost against opponents
•  Team Slayer’s Join-In-Progress parameters have been tightened

If you’re looking to get into the Top 200, be sure to head into the playlist this week and then swing back the following week to see if you made it on the list!

After you’ve tried one or all of the above experience, head over to the War Games Feedback section and share your thoughts with us!