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Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: 12.23.13

By B is for Bravo -

Today, we’ve updated Halo 4 Matchmaking with a new playlist as well as new maps. Read below for the details!

Rocket Race

The Rocket Race playlist is now available, and will be playable until January 6th. In this game type, players race with a Mongoose, partner, and Rocket Launcher to each checkpoint. The game type is available on the following maps: Exile, Meltdown, Shatter, Wreckage, Vortex, Ragnarok, Longbow, Harvest, Daybreak, and Complex.

Additionally, we’ve also added some of our favorite community Forge maps into Matchmaking:

   •    Onyx is now available in Team Slayer and Rumble Pit
   •    Fallout is now available in Team Doubles
   •    The Ark is now available in Team Doubles

We hope you enjoy these new Matchmaking experiences in Halo 4. Happy Holidays!