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Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: 4.22.13

By B is for Bravo -

This week, Regicide and Grifball have been updated with optimized settings and maps. To create a more consistent gameplay experience, the king's bounty in Regicide has been adjusted to always be a static 20 points, regardless of length of reign, kills acquired, etc. Also, Complex has been removed from the map rotation, and the following maps have been added:


Grifballers will be happy to hear that the Grifball playlist has been updated to reflect the most current community settings used by the GrifballHub community. Those of you who get hammered on a regular basis will notice that the game type has been tweaked to create better balance between the weapons, and that Grifball and Grifball Pro now have identical shield, damage, damage resistance and radar settings. Grifball will continue to have one continuous round with auto-pickup turned on, while Grifball Pro will have five individual rounds with auto-pickup turned off. Also, four of the Grifball courts have received repairs and tweaks to create the most balanced playing experience. These tweaks includes repairs, removal of exploitable areas, kill zone fixes and more.

The score limit for Multi-Team has also been bumped up from 300 points (30 kills) to 500 points, to provide the most optimal game length and experience.

We hope you enjoy these updated Halo 4 War Games experiences, and we encourage you to leave your feedback in the War Games Feedback section.