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Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: 6.17.13

By B is for Bravo -

This Monday, several updates are coming to Halo 4 Matchmaking. In Spartan Ops, we'll be showcasing a Designer's choice medley, SWAT will be updated with new game types and maps, the brand new game type Mini Slayer will be premiering, Team Throwdown will be updated to the most current tournament settings, and more. Check out the full details of the update below.

Mini Slayer is a brand new game type that will be added to Action Sack! This mode has only been played by 343 staff and some lucky studio visitors, and we are excited to premiere it this coming Monday. The Spartans are scaled smaller than normal, but the weapons are normal size, creating fun, hectic, and often hilarious game play. The game type will be available exclusively on the map “Rail” at launch. Here's what to expect from the game type:

·         All Spartans are mini!
·         All players have the “Mobility” tactical package
·         All players spawn with Assault Rifle
·         Killcam disabled
·         Melee disabled
·         Due to the scaling of character models, corpses become stretched

In SWAT, we've added two new Slayer game types. These game types will add new ways to rack up absurd amounts of headshots and good times. Because they are new, we will be offering them exclusively in the third voting slot and keeping an eye on the voting data to see which are most popular. The game types and settings are as follows:

Forerunner SWAT

·         Starting weapon: LightRifle
·         Secondary: Boltshot
·         Pulse Grenades
·         Infinite ammo
·         No weapons on map (Standard SWAT maps)
·         No Armor Abilities
·         Regular map rotation

Covenant SWAT

·         Starting weapon: Carbine
·         Secondary: Plasma Pistol
·         No grenades
·         Infinite ammo
·         No weapons on map (Standard SWAT maps)
·         No Armor Abilities
·         Regular map rotation