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Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: 9.16.13

By B is for Bravo -

Today’s Matchmaking Update introduces new content and optimization across several different playlists, including continued playlist consolidation. For an update regarding consolidation and other upcoming Matchmaking items, be sure to read the latest Halo Bulletin. The details of today's update can be found below.

Team Doubles

The Team Doubles playlist has received refreshed maps and a new game type, Legendary BRs. The updated map listing is as follows:


The Team Doubles voting options have also been updated. We will continue to monitor feedback and statistics as we consider adding additional game types in future updates. The voting options are as follows:

Slot 1:
Infinity Doubles

Slot 2:
Legendary BR Doubles

Slot 3:
Doubles Pro


Ricochet has received new and optimized maps this week. Haven, Solace, and Adrift have been updated to the “Turbo” variants that were released with the weapon tuning – this includes colors and lifts added to Haven, new geometry added to Solace and Adrift, and more. Also, three new popular symmetrical, arena type Community Forge maps have been added: Onyx, Dispatch, and Simplex. We hope that those of you who have been frequenting the Ricochet playlist will enjoy these updated and new map variants!

Big Team Battle

The Big Team Infinity Slayer and Big Team Skirmish playlists have been combined to create the Big Team Battle playlist, which brings 8v8 combatants into the same arena. The Big Team Infinity Slayer CSR has been carried over, and the Matchmaking Systems team will closely monitor match quality as well as community feedback regarding Big Team Battle CSR and in-game experiences. The voting options are as follows:

Slot 1:
Big Team Infinity Slayer

Slot 2:
Big Team Slayer

Slot 3:
Big Team Skirmish game types

Infinity Slayer

The Majestic Map Pack is now required to play Infinity Slayer. As the goal of this is to gauge if the DLC-required playlist solution is a viable one, we will be monitoring its population closely. This is an experiment, and is in no way, shape or form a permanent move at this time. We have also slightly adjusted and optimized the voting options in this playlist. They are as follows:

Slot 1:
Infinity Slayer (on-disc and DLC maps only)

Slot 2:
All Team Slayer map / game type combinations
Infinity Slayer on Community Forge Maps

Slot 3:
All Legendary BR map / game type combinations

To ensure that split-screen players have a favorable option in the first voting slot, we have restricted this slot to Infinity Slayer on the on-disc and DLC maps. Legendary BRs is currently the exclusive option in the third voting slot. We’ll also keep a close eye on voting data and community feedback when considering the optimization of the voting options in Infinity Slayer.

Spartan Ops

In Spartan Ops, we are kicking off a full rerun of episodes 1-10 with ‘Grunt Birthday Party,’ ‘I Would Have Been Your Daddy,’ and ‘Mythic’ Skulls enabled. While the first two Skulls do not affect gameplay, the latter one increases the health of your enemies. This week, an encore of episode 1 is available.

We hope you enjoy the new experiences offered in Halo 4 Matchmaking. Be sure to stay tuned to Halo Waypoint to see what’s coming next.