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Halo 4 Summer Tournament Update and RTX Details

By B is for Bravo -

When we first announced our summer tournament, we said that the full details would be available today. Unfortunately, we are still wading our way through the 20 pages of legal mumbo-jumbo that will eventually become the rules and regulations. We expect to have all of our i’s dotted and t’s crossed on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for our announcement then. In the meantime, we want those of you who are attending RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo) this weekend to be able to practice for the tournament we are hosting on the show floor, so below is all of the information you need to know to prepare...and then some!

As we mentioned in last week’s Bulletin, we’ll be hosting an in-person Free-For-All tournament at RTX as part of our larger summer tournament. The tournament will span all three days, with the finals being broadcasted on the eSports main stage. Here is what you need to know if you have a pass to RTX and would like to participate in the tournament (participation is limited to attendees).

• Pre-registration will begin on-site on Friday, July 5th starting at 9am in Hall 5 (this is the same location as RTX attendee registration) – arrive early to ensure a spot in the tournament!
• If you miss this registration period, there will be an opportunity to register at the booth on Friday when the show floor opens.
• The tournament is a single elimination FFA bracket, with top players advancing to the next rounds.
• The tournament will begin on Friday afternoon in the Halo 4 booth.
• Group stages will continue through Saturday, with top players advancing to Sunday.
• Sunday will include the final rounds of FFA matches and end with a 1v1 bracket to determine the champion of RTX!

The following maps and game types will be played, so start practicing!

FFA Game Type
Time limit: 8 minutes
Score to win: Unlimited
Motion Tracker: Enabled
Personal Ordnance: Armor Abilities (v4 settings)

(All feature one primary rifle, no secondary weapon, 2x Frags, no Armor Ability, Tactical Package: Resupply, and Support Upgrade: Ammo)
Battle Rifle

FFA Maps
Onyx (Forge Island)

1v1 Game Type
Motion Tracker: Disabled
Score to Win: 10
Time Limit: 20 Minutes (Game ends at 10:00 unless score is tied, in which case sudden death begins)
Personal Ordnance: Armor Abilities (v4 settings)

Same as above

1v1 Maps
Onyx (Forge Island)

We will be releasing the full details of these game types and maps this week, so stay tuned for the full settings and File Share links.

We’ll be broadcasting the finals on Sunday – be sure to stay tuned to Halo Waypoint for more details and a live stream schedule. If you’ll be in Austin this weekend, we’ll see you soon!