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Hollywood and Games - A CES Panel

By bs angel -

2012 International CES

CES is taking place next week, and Frank, our resident Mister Chief-drawing Franchise Development Director, will be there, sitting on a panel titled "Hollywood and Games – A Transmedia Approach to Entertainment Content." He won't be talking about Halo 4, but he will be talking about the Halo franchise in general. Here are the details, should you find yourself in the Las Vegas area next Wednesday!

Hollywood and Games – A Transmedia Approach to Entertainment Content

Date: Wednesday, January 11, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: N262

Speakers: Adam Boyes, Frank O'Connor, James Jones, Jeff Gomez, Marcus Gners, Ned Sherman, Peter Levin

Description: Hollywood content owners and the game industry have had a rocky relationship, resulting in a few cross-platform successes. What must occur to ensure that future franchises work well across platforms and media? How can all stakeholders - licensers, developers, publishers and distributors - get a fair return on their investments?

2012 International CES