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National Grifball Association's First Forge Contest

By bs angel -

National Grifball Association’s First Forge Contest

From SquirrelBurrito:

The NGA is looking for brand new Grifball courts for the next season of its Grifball league! This contest will focus primarily on aesthetics, as forging a Grifball map doesn't require much knowledge or utilization of level design theory, though some basic principles will be required to be demonstrated.

We're looking for new and innovative designs that support a fair game of Grifball. Submissions must be functional (including spawns, flat surfaces, etc.) and look professional. Maps can be forged on any of the Forge locations in Halo 4 (Ravine, Impact, or Erosion). We'll be looking for creativity, as well as great designs!

Contest Submission Deadline: March 17th, 2013

National Grifball Association’s First Forge Contest