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Podtacular - Halo 4 Campaign, Midnight

By bs angel -

From Dust Storm:

The Master Chief and Cortana have chased the Didact to Earth where he plans to compose the entire planet. The duo have managed to get inside the Didact ship’s shields before it jumped to slipspace, now trying to find a way into the Composer. If the Didact is successful at Earth, nothing will stop him from composing the entire human race. Will the Chief be able to stop the Didact before the population of Earth is composed? Will Cortana survive her rampancy? Join us for our final episode of our Campaign coverage as SixOkay, former Waypoint Top 5 host and now Community Manager for Robot Entertainment, joins us for the final journey in the Master Chief and Cortana’s Halo 4 saga. Enjoy!

Podtacular - Halo 4 Campaign, Midnight