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Top 10 Halo 4 Grifball Matchmaking Tips

By bs angel -

Halo 4 Grifball Screenshot

The fine folks over at GrifballHub enjoy getting hammered on a regular basis. They do it so often, as a matter of fact, that they have perfected the art of all things Grif and ball-related. Thankfully they're not shy about sharing their wisdom, so below you will find 10 Halo 4 Grifball Matchmaking tips, courtesy of their smashingly delightful community members. Read, learn and dominate!

Take advantage of the bomb throwing ability and keep [the ball] moving around. - Germanicus1994

Always check your radar and see if there's anyone on your plate. - BennyBedStain

On your own plate, stick with the hammer. You have a better chance of popping up an incoming runner than hitting him with a sword. Anything that makes the opponent not score is preferable. - L1ght5aber

The bomb carrier is lighter in Halo 4 than he was in Halo: Reach. Try using the hammer swing of one of your teammates to launch your bomb carrier up and over your opponents for a possible score. - a man canon

When in doubt, pass it out! Passing adds a whole new dimension to Grifball. While passing is technically intended to be an offensive tool, it can also be used defensively as well. If you find yourself trapped in a corner on the enemy side, don't try to be TacoPizzaHunter (see what I did there?), pass it back to your side of the court. - TacoPizzaHunter

Play with a full team of 4 players. Your chances of success increase when you play as a team and communicate with your teammates. If you run alone, try to join up with other's you meet or play against. - runNOKYARDrun

Learn to Waltz and Tango. That's right, put on your dancing shoes for this one. As a tank in Grifball, it is key to be able to kill the opposing players in your way as you lead your runner to the pad. Dancing is the act of moving to try and get your opponent to swing first and then stepping in to get the kill. When dancing, I find it best to move randomly around to try to get the enemy into your hammer range while staying out of theirs. It takes patience to do this correctly so take your time. - LovableLambchop

The hammer is able to reload and swing again much more quickly than it could Reach. This, in turn, causes the sword to be a lot more difficult to use in Halo 4 than it ever was before. If the hammer and sword clash (hit each other at the same time), the hammer wins. The sword can still cause some damage from behind enemies or to the sides, but it is impractical in a 1 on 1 hammer vs. sword duel. It can, however, be used rather well against the runner still. - Crusader0102

Spread the field. The runner is no longer defenseless and in need of protection 24/7. The U-6 soccer bumbleball play style is now obsolete and teams that spread the field will be able to take full advantage of the new passing mechanic in Halo 4 Grifball. - Goosechecka

Don't be afraid to get silly with it. Grifball is all about lols and shenanigans (and killing Grif). Don't be afraid to try something completely ridiculous and see if it works. Who knows, you may just become the next TacoPizzaHunter. - ForsakenMango

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