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Waypoint Weekly Test Nights: 9.14.13

By bs angel -

From AgentPaperCraft:

Hello, Waypoint goers! With the addition of community-made content into matchmaking, custom maps and game types have become a integral part of Halo's multiplayer experience. It keeps matchmaking fresh with all new content and game types that keep us on our toes. Forgers and game type creators often work hours, days and even months on their content before it’s considered for matchmaking, and it's usually the lack of having a ready player-base to test their maps that it takes so long. So I offer an option to our forgers, a place to bring your maps and game types to have them tested and reviewed by a group of the top forgers around. You'll receive top-notch forging tips and tricks to wow your players, improve map spawn and flow, provide a better map experience and get your name out there. You'll also get to work directly with the Community Cartographers, a select group of community Forge enthusiasts who work with 343 Industries in the search of top quality content for matchmaking consideration. Every Saturday night at 6PM ET, get an invite by sending “AgentPaperCraft” a message over Xbox LIVE, or leave a comment in the Test Night Thread.

Join us this week as we induct another round of our Forge mentoring program, a program where we pair you up with a veteran forger to help hone your skills creating and distributing your custom content. Your mentor will help co-forge your map, offer you a higher level of assistance in understanding dynamic map flow, spawn placement, structural design, and other important aspects of designing your custom map. For more information about the mentoring program, head over to the ForgeHub thread where you can also post your maps for review and testing.

Waypoint Weekly Test Nights